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Sean Gillespie

Sean Gillespie, partner at Carney Gillespie Isitt PLLPSean Gillespie has been fighting for the underprivileged since his days as a student at Seattle University School of Law. As an intern at the Unemployment Law Project, he successfully challenged dozens of employers’ attempts to deny unemployment benefits to low-income people.

Together with law partner Chris Carney, Sean tried a civil rights and medical malpractice case against King County Jail, which neglected a mentally ill pregnant woman until she gave birth alone in her jail cell. The jury awarded Imka Pope nearly $1 million, finding the jail and staff members guilty of eight state and federal claims.

Sean has served as co-counsel in civil lawsuits stemming from high-profile cases of excessive force by police and has represented several clients facing federal criminal charges since being admitted to Western Washington’s panel of privately contracted federal public defenders in 2014.

Sean started his own law firm fresh out of law school, dedicating his practice to the representation of indigent clients in criminal defense cases. He has stood up for clients accused of being sexually violent predators, defending them from indefinite detention until their cases were dismissed.

Sean graduated from Seattle University School of Law in 2004 and is a founding partner of Carney Gillespie Isitt PLLP.

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Washington State Bar Association number: 35365